What Is C Language?

 History of C programming language

C Programming language Invented by Sir Dennis Mac Alistair Ritchie and Ken Thompson in 1972 at Bell Laboratories earlier known as AT&T Bell Laboratories and Bell Telephone Laboratories. This programming language is initially designed for Operating system called UNIX.

C Programming language is most powerful, flexible and easy to understand. Due to this feature, the UNIX operating system which were Primitively written in assembly language than Once Again written on C programming language. In 1970’s C programming language Started using by college and organizations. However, dissimilar organizations start using their own versions of C with an Elusive difference, To solve this problem in 1983 the American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) created a committee to build a standard of definition of C.

What is c programming language?

C programming language is a high level, general purpose and robust programming language for developing applications. Programs which are written in C language are fast and more efficient .Because of lots of operators and data types.

C language is highly portable. That is C programs written in one operating system can be executed in another operating system with small modification.

C language is known as Structured programming or modular programming the logic which are written in program can be easily to understand and modify language contain 32 English words called as keywords Example: if, else, for, break etc., C language allows the users to add their personal library functions to the library.

C is a middle-level language. It has the simplicity of a high level language as well as the power of a low-level language. This aspect of c makes it suitable for writing both application programs and system programs. Hence it is an excellent, efficient and general-purpose language for most of the applications such as mathematical, scientific, business and system software applications.

 C is a small language, consisting of only 32 English words known as keywords( if,else,for,break,etc). The power of  C is augmented by the library functions provided with it. Moreover, the language is extendible since it allows the users to add their own library functions to the library.

C contains control constructs needed to write a structured program hence it is considered a structured programing language. It included structure for selection (if...else... switch) ,reception (while ,for,do..while) and exit.

The programs written in C are portable i.e programs written for one type of computer or operating system can be run on another type of computer or operating system.

  Structure of a c program.


Comments Preprocesser directives Global variables.


local variable Keywords 
 Statements Logic . 


/* …….*/ 

Preprocessor directives are processed thought preprocessor before the c code passed through compiler. 


#define constant A 

Local variable is declared and used within the main () file, Keywords are if, else, etc., Statements is logic of the program.

Comments can be placed anywhere in the program to easily to understand what the programmer written in the code .

 C Programming language is a collection of one or many functions. Each function is ac collection of statements to perform some pre-defined task.


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