What Is C Plus Plus

C++ is an object oriental programing language (oop's)

OOPs are mainly the collection of eight principles. If any programing language supported all the oops principle except Inheritance and polymorphism known as oxide based programing language.


java script, Vb-script, small talk, talk, etc.

If any programing language supported all the oops principle known as oxide oriental programing language.
Example: C++, Java, Net, php, etc.

C++ is not completely an oxide oriented programing language because C++ can  be developed   by using oops concept or without using the oops concept. So that it is known as Semi-structure programing language or partial oxide  oriental programing language  C++ is also known as the compiler based programing language.

Compiler is a special programing, which will convert high level language into the low-level language(or) source code into object code the process of convention is known as compilation .C++ is very rich in its predefined function, predefined class and predefined.


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