What Is Edge Triggered Interrupt and Level Triggered Interrupt?


This mean making a circuit active,making a circuit active means allowing the circuit to take input and give output,Like for example supposed we have a flip-flop when the circuit is not triggered ,even if you give some input data, it will not change the data stored inside the flip-flop nor will it change the output .

They are basically two types of Triggering interrupt . The triggering is given in form of a clock pulse or gating signal depending upon the type of triggering mechanism used the circuit will become active at specific states of the clock pulse.

Level triggered interrupt

In level triggered interrupt the circuit will become active ,when the gating or clock pulse is on a particular level, this level is decided by the designer .We can have a negative level triggering in which, the circuit is active when the clock signal is low or a positive level triggering in when the circuit is active when the signal is high.

Edge triggered interrupt

Edge triggered interrupt edge triggering ,the circuit becomes active at negative or positive edge of  the clock signal.

For example if the circuit is positive edge triggered , it will take input at exactly the time in which the clock signal goes from low to high.

Similarly input is taken at exactly the time in which the clock signal goes from high to low in negative edge triggering . But keep in mind after the input , it can be processed in all the time till the next input is taken.


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