What Is Function Pointer

Function Pointer is a variable(a pointer) that holds the address  of another function. Function pointer is a pointer variable, just like a normal pointer. However, function pointer points to the address of the function. In C like all normal variables, functions also will be stored in the memory. So every function will have a valid address. Function pointer will point to this address.


DATA TYPE (*ptr) ();
DATA TYPE (*ptr) (Data Type);

When declaring a function pointer you must declaration the function's return type and the function's parameter type. Example supposes we had two functions.

Void read_emp (emp*e);
Void print_emp(emp*e);

We can declare a variable that could pointer to either of these functions as follows:

void(*func_ptr) (emp*e);

(*func_ptr)  Is the name to the variable, void' is actual variable declaration void(*func-ptr) (emp*e); ,(*func-ptr)  is variable declaration, void * func-ptr(emp*e);

 Upper syntax it will return a void pointer

 (void * func-ptr(emp*e); is the function prototype)

Suppose  you to have third function;

Void print_integer (int x);

It would not be possible to assign func_ptr to pointer to print_integer as they are  different  function types   parameter is  different types.Using the example for the previous.

void(*func_ptr) (emp*e);,we could assign func_ptr to pointer to read_emp as follows,

 Func_ptr=read_emp,note that no  &  is required, note (extremely important) that,Func_ptrr=ead_emp is very different from,Func_ptr=read_emp();

(Func_ptr=read_emp; take  the function  pointer an address and assign to func_ptr variable)

(Func_ptr=read_emp(); is read_emp() run the program and return value is assigned  to func_ptr).Once func_ptr has been initialized.


We can call the function read_emp via func_ptr, as follows.

  emp e;



 static int add(int a,int b)
                           return a+b;

 static int sub(int x,int y)
                         return a-b;


                    int x,y;

                    int temp;

                    int result;

                    int(*func_ptr) (int,int);   // function pointer

                    printf("please enter the first number");


                    printf("please enter the second number");


                   printf("you want to Add or Subb y/n");


                  if(temp=='y')||(get char()=='a')

                  func_ptr=int add; // pointing to function


                  func_ptr=int subb; // pointing to function




Example 2

int fun ptr()

            static int s=10;

void main()
       int r;

       int(*ptr) ();  // function pointer


      r=ptr();   //r=funptr();    //r=funptr()

      printf("\n valu=%d",r);



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