Is there any online resource that can tell me what visa rules are for passport holders of a specific country?

A couple of resources that I find useful:
  • IATA TravelCentre: A comprehensive listing of visa, health, customs (in its British English, not American English, definition) for different destinations compiled by IATA. I have found this is fairly accurate. The form, however, is cumbersome as it asks you to fill in far too many details than required.
  • Visa Guru: I discovered this website fairly recently. It's simple in that it allows you to choose what country's passport you hold, and then show a list of countries that have visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry. This is good for a brief overview use it with caution. As of now, it sometimes misses out information that might affect visas due to residency status either way; sometimes, it's harder (you need to go back to country of nationality) and sometimes it's easier (you can get visa-free/on-arrival holding a passport of one country if you're considered a resident of another).


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