How to Use wordpress hooks in wordpress

Hooks Allow us to manipulate data in an easy and safe way.
Two types of hooks.
1.Action Hooks:
Trigger by an event. Allow us to add our on functions to them when every we want. Used for Stuff like “when X Happens, do y”.
2.Filter Hooks:
allow us to Manipulate data. As in “take this X var,do Something in with it(“filter it”) and Return the result”.
Action Hook:
Action Hooks:trigger by an event. Allow us to add our on functions to them when every we want.Used for stuff like “when X happen,do Y”.
do_action("hook_name") //will create our hook
add_action("hook_name","Callback_function", Priority)
function callback_function(){
echo "Welcome to Wpdadd"
//code goes here
To append text to “welcome to wpdadd” We can create
add_action("hook_name","override_Callback_function", Priority)
function callback_function(){
echo "Bye  Wpdadd";
//code goes here
If we want to remove the filter we can use.
remove_action( string $tag, callable $function_to_remove, int $priority = 10 )
remove_action( 'hook_name', "callback_function", int $priority = 10 )
Filter Hooks:allow us to Manipulate data.As in “take this X var,do something in with it(‘filter it”) and return the results.
apply_filters($tag,$value,$var ...);
function function_to_add($arg){
  return $arg;
Suppose we need to override the hooks we can use.
apply_filter('filter_name', "callback_function",$arg);
function function_to_add($arg){
return  apply_filter('filter_name', "callback_function",$arg);
add_filter('filer_name' ,'callback_function');
function callback_function($arg){
$arg ="changed";
return $arg;
Suppose we need to Remove the Filters
 remove_filter( $tag, $function_to_remove, $priority );
remove_filter( 'hook_name', "callback_function", int $priority = 10 )


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