C Programing Interview Questions with Answers

Lots of question repeatedly appear in C programing interview. Top FAQ questions with their answers are given here.

1.What Is Micro Substitution? 

Ans:   The #define directive is the most common processor directive ,which tell the Preprocessor to replace every occurrence of a particular character string... Readmore 


2.What Is Function Pointer? 

Ans:  Function pointer is a variable(a pointer) that holds the address  of a another function. function pointer is a pointer variable,.... Readmore

3.What Is Callback Functions in C?

Ans:  The simple answer to this first question is that a callback function is a function that is called through a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) Readmore

4.Far Pointer in C Programming?

Ans:  The pointer which can point or access whole the residence memory of RAM i.e. which can access all 16 segments is known as far pointer... Readmore

5.What Is Structure Padding?

Ans:  Structure padding is done to do memory alignment.As size of pointer is 4 bytes,If everything is organized by multiple of 4 that it will be easier and faster to calculate the address and processing them. ... Readmore


6.Write a Program to Swap Two Numbers Without Using Third Variable?

Ans:  Program to swap two numbers without using Third Variable .Here we are using two variable of int type .. Readmore


7.What Is Dangling  Pointer?

Ans:  A pointer pointing to a dead location than it is called dangling pointer. When ever a function returning an integer than specified return type as... Readmore

8.What Is Near Pointer?

Ans:  That is near pointer cannot access beyond the data segment like graphics video memory, text video memory etc. Readmore

9.What Is null Pointer in C Language?

Ans:   It is always a good practice to assign a NULL value to a pointer variable in case you do not have exact address to be assigned. Readmore 

10.What Is Wild Pointer?

Ans:  A pointer in C which has not been initialized is known as wild pointer... Readmore

11.What Is pointer?

Ans:  A pointer is a derive data type in C which is built from fundamental data type in c a pointer is a variable which stores always an address of another variable .. Readmore

12.What Is Huge Pointer?

Ans:  The Pointer which can pointer total 16 segment of memory is called Huge pointer.the size of the huge pointer is 4 bytes ie 32 bits... Readmore


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